Unsung Sporting Heroes

The Rejuvenator’s Unsung Sporting Heroes

You sleep – She runs; you rest – He trains hard….Yet you win together!

He gets the medal – You get the bragging rights. The irony is, inspite of that – He is owed! She wins & brings you more than you asked for. Yet today is hopeless…..And you move on!
Who are we talking about? The very same heroes/legends who dedicated their lives to sports to make our country proud, but today lost in blankness, left alone to fend for their livelihood and struggles of life – The Sports heroes of India!!

Indians are passionate about sports and that’s pretty evident in the way we name our sports stars GOD of cricket, Pocket Dynamo, The Deep Defender, The wall etc… However, its heart breaking to see that we forget their accomplishments, deprive them of their deserved rewards and leave them to become vegetable vendors on the streets, golagappa walas, Security guards and cab drivers, struggling to earn their 2 course meals sooner than you can imagine.

I know one may say You can write books, play an instrument, be a stock broker or a computer geek even when you are 50! But little do you realize, the athlete at 30+ is almost dead. The best of him/her is gone.
It is not the poverty that hurts. It is the indignity of these worthy stars who look into the mirror and see failure. It is the trauma of anonymity that the same folks who once applauded them now throw their petitions in the dustbin – It is the failing flight of self-esteem.
Our heroes knew there were no guarantees that no one said if you ran for India, you’d be rich and famous. Representing the country had been the proudest part of a sports person’s life. And they deserve their dignity, honor and appreciation for doing us proud.
These strong willed gems can restart their lives again but like most of us, they need a helping hand.
And in an effort to return the honor back by supporting long forgotten sporting heroes of our nation, The Rejuvenators brings to you “The Unsung Sporting Heroes”.